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The pillar, Garuda Dhvaja (Flag withSymbotic emblem of the God), Was a gift from greek Governor Antialkidas (180BC) sent across through his envoy Helliodorus. The pillar OS one of the eaight Dhvajas had amongst them tha , Garuda Dvaja, Tal dvaja and makar davaja. Four hundred years of recorded history of worsh IP of TH pillar by the Dhimar(Fisherman) community has shrouded the pillar in mystic layers and exorcism takes place under a tamarind tree in front every new moonlight.Excavation (1913-1914) Khambaba site. Heliodorus son of dion erected this pillar in honour of the God Vastudeva. He was the ambassador of Indo-Bactrian King Antalikita.

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Vidisha is situated at the middle of Madhya Pradesh and it is very near Capital of Bhopal , Vidisha is approachable from either side by road and rail links. Bhopal (65 Kms) is the nearest airport, which is connected to Delhi, Mumbai ,Hyderabad and Udaipur .The taxi-ride takes about 1-2 to reach Bhopal from Vidisha.

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Bhopal-Kanpur NH-146 via passing Sanchi-Vidisha-Sangar .the distance from Vidisha to Bhopal is 60 k.m. State High way 19 Vidisha to Ashok Nagar and Helliodorus Piller is in Village Base Nagar 5 k. m. from City Vidisha