Shri Manora Mela Vidisha

Manora Mela Lord Jagidsh
  • Celebrated on/during: July
  • Significance:

    Today it is very enthusiasm in the village of Manora of district Vidisha because it is famous for mini Jagannathpuri. 195 years passed, Lord Jagannath comes to this small village Manora every year in the hindi month Ashad Dooj to full fill the promise of his sympathic devotee Mr. Manik Chand and his wife Padmavati. It is the same auspicious day of 25 June. Millions of people are running to see Lord Jagjeesh Goddess, Subhadra and Balbhadra seated in the chariot. Devotee people from miles away are going to reaching by agglomerating in the famous village Manora know as mini Jagannathpuri.