Places to visit in Badoh-Pathari
This village is in Kurwai Tehsil of the District. It is situated at a distance of about 19 kms and by the road it is East of Kulhar Railway Station on the Delhi-Bombay main line of Central Railway. The road is metalled up to Pathari ( 18 km. from Kulhar ) while the rest of it is Kachha. Badoh is about 30 km to the South-East of Kuwai. It is also linked by Road with Vidisha and Udaipur. Reguler buses ply from Vidisha to Pathari.

Gadarmal Temple
Location :-
         This temple is situated in Badoh - Pathari of the Kuwai Tehsil of the District. Badoh is about 19 km by road to the East of Kulhar Railway Station on the Delhi - Bombay main line of the Central Railway. From the district headquarters, it is around 84 kms away. Regular Buses are available from Vidisha to Pathari.
Historical Importance :-
In madiaeval times Badoh was a town of considerable importance as is testified by numerous remains of temples. Gadarmal temple is one of temples, which being of enormous height is visible from a long distance.The temple as it stands, is of two distinct parts belonging to different periods :
Basement of the shrine and the porch which are the remnants of the original temple, are of the 9th century A.D.
Its Shikhara that replaced the original one. It is made up of the heterogenous pieces picked up from the ruins of Jain and Hindu temples.
Dashavtar Temple
On the North side of the local lake, there exists ruines of a group of small Vaishnava shrines popularly called Sadhavatara Temple and a large open pillared hall, both dedicated to one or other of the ten incarnations of Vishnu. Their age ranges from 8th to 10th centuy A.D. On the western bank, there are ruins of several sati pillars, probably of the 9th or 10th century A.D. One of these have four sculptured faces, depicts a seated group of hara-Gauri, with musicians and dancers below, a bust of male figure holding up both hands.
Sola-Kambi Temple
Location :-
It is located in the Badoh town of Kurwai Tehsil. The nearest railway station is kulhar on the Delhi-Bombay Main line of Central Railway
Historical Importance :-
The building Sola-Khambi is situated on the Nothern side of a local lake and is flat roofed, open and sixteen pillared building locally known as Sola-Khambi. The building is 7.62 metres square and stands on 1.524 metres high moulded plinth. The building structure indicate belongs to the age of Guptas.
At a small distance ahead there are two temples -
(1)  Dashavtar Temple and
(2)  Sat-Madhi temple
In the former temple there exit ruins of a group of small Vaishnava shrines and a open pillared hall and the latter is a group of six temples. These were Vaishnavite and Shaivite. One is dedicated to Ganesh. The sculptures found there include three seated Idols of the Buddha.