The climate of the District is generally dry except during the South West.  
Monsoon season :
       The nights are generally pleasant and justify the praise by the Mughals for a Shab-E-Malwa famous through out the India. The monsoon in generally during June and continues the end of September. The year may be divided into four seasons. The cold season from December to February is followed by the Hot season till mid-June. The period from mid-June to about the end of September constitute the South-West Monsoon. October and November may be termed the post monsoon or retreating monsoon. The average annual rainfall in the district is 1,229.9 m.m. During the summer season on individual days the maximum temperature go above 460C. After October both the day and night temperatures steadily decreases till January which is the coldest month. The district is affected by cold waves during the cold season in association with the western disturbances passing across the northern part on India and the minimum temperature may drop down occasionally to a degree or so above the freezing point of water and frosts may occur.